Monday, November 5, 2012

Dana: final version

If you saw the video I posted a few days ago, you already know of all the attempts done on Suicide Friends.  This project has been going for years, and the recent design proved to be (though my favorite) the most taxing.  The traditional animation with Roger Rabbit styled lighting was taking too much time with just one person working on it.  If I continued, this film wouldn't be done for another 8 years.  So I decided to try a digital Dana again.  As the video showed, I did this once and the result wasn't to my liking.  She looked like an alien, but it was the best I could do at the time.  I stopped on the idea of doing a full CG film until I had more practice.  After working on "the Grim" ( I believe I've had a good amount of practice and rebuilt Dana.  The result really pushes the first one aside (I honestly feel weird even comparing with these images).  Someday I'll do a traditionally animated film, but I'll wait until I have a crew of animators.  Until then, I'm happy with how Dana is coming along.