Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Source

In the heart of the woods, Clover and Piglet found a strange structure.  There was a darkness flooding from it, a heartbeat that was slowly going out.  The two travelers stood shivering in the snow unsure what to make of it or what to do.
"It looks like some kind of shrine."  Piglet suggested.

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Walking in the cold

With weather becoming too cold for an old rabbit and frost building too quick for a birds wings, Clover and Piglet walked into the forest alone.  Clover would have preferred to travel by bear, but Pooh would hibernate during this time.  So they trudged through the snow determined to find the source of the increasing cold.  Rabbit pointed them towards the heart of the forest.  What they would find was uncertain.  The forest soon stopped feeling alive as they went further.

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Friday, August 29, 2014

I just started a Patreon page to help support more animated projects like this.  This clip is from a project that was meant to have a roger rabbit style.  I'm hoping to raise funding to make more shorts like this!  

Check out the page and help by becoming a patron and telling your friends!



Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Rabbit's Garden

Rabbit was always protective of his garden.  So much so that Clover and Piglet had to wait behind the fence.  Freezing and somewhat offended, Clover stood patiently while rabbit inspected the land.
"Winter has just started." He told them, "but here the weather already looks like it's the middle of the season.  And the ground has a strange pressure, like something is slowly taking the life from it."
"I wouldn't know about how the ground feels."  Clover crossed her arms.  "I will admit that the weather does seem worse here."
"It gets worse the closer you get to the forest."  Kessie flapped her wings trying to get warm.  "I believe something could be spreading from the woods.  If it is growing, it might reach the kingdom."
Clover looked to the woods.  A mist was rising in the distance that did look to be, As Kessie suspected, growing.
"If that's the case, we'll need to reach it before it can grow to far."  Clover started walking to the woods as she said this.  With each step, the cold covered her more.

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Patchwork takes part in the ALS IceBucket Challenge

A quick animation of the Patchwork Girl trying to get Poco into the Ice Bucket Challenge.

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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Today's Sunday Comic, HERO!

Here's today's Sunday comic.  I need to set a time for when I post these.
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Friday, August 22, 2014


Kessie had been traveling with Rabbit for as long as Clover knew them.  She was once a general of the guards helping to keep the woozles away from Kanga's kingdom, but that changed once her wing was caught by a rogue Woozle. Unable to fly, she was soon found and cared for by Rabbit.  In return, she kept him company and helped with his crops.  However, recently the crops have been struggling.
"It's not only the crops." She told Clover, "The land looks to be changing.  Everything feels like it's becoming melancholy.  I'm afraid the land's depression will spread if nothing's done soon."
Rabbit waved his hands to dismiss what Kessie was saying and insisted everything was fine.  Looking back at his stand with only rotting produce available, Clover found it difficult to go along with Rabbit's denial.
"Can you so us the land?"  She asked.
"Of course!" Kessie was nearly jumping on Rabbit's hat.
Noting his friends excitement, Rabbit reluctantly agreed to take Clover and her friends to his garden.

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(Writer's note: Kessie is perhaps my favorite Winnie the Pooh character.  I love the episode "Find her, keep her")

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Market

Winter had arrived in the Hundred Acre Kingdom.  At this time supplies were scarce, but when Clover needed anything for her travels she could always count on Rabbit's stand.  He always carried an abundance of food from his own garden.  However, on this day, his produce was far less than Clover was use to.  Some of the food was already on it's way to spoiling.  He held up a single carrot, the only survivor of his cart.
"It's a curse."  Said the bird sitting atop #Rabbit's hat.

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Monday, August 18, 2014

Kanga's despair

The news of Prince Roo was hard to deliver.  Once Kanga was told of what happened, she walked to the balcony and looked out to the forest.  There was nothing that could be done for now, except wait for an answer.
"I will see him again."  She said. "For now, patience."
A cold air blew as Clover and her friends left the castle.  Winter was starting to fall on the Hundred Acre Kingdom.

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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Face off

Roo had always been a rebellious prince he hated being treated like a child.  His desire to be an adult was nearly an obsession, and now it seemed that he finally decided to run off and create his own kingdom next door to his mother's.  How tamed the woozles was both puzzling and oddly fascinating.  they clung to him like loyal pets.  It was a very different sight from when a horde of them slaughtered Tigger's men years ago.  Rather than ask how Roo achieved this, Tigger, Clover, Pooh, and Piglet readied for a fight.  Before them, the woozles positioned themselves to defend their newly appointed king.  Tigger watched the enemy in front of him, and from the corner of his eye he could see more waiting to join in.  It would be nearly impossible for all of them to leave this fight alive, and if they did win, what then?  The woozle would possibly follow their king if he brought them back, putting the kingdom in danger.  There were only two real options he could see, cut off the head of the snake or...
"We're leaving." He said quietly.
"But we can take them, right now" Clover protested.
"I'm not ready to pay the cost of winning this fight."  Tigger sheathed his weapon.  the others followed.  He looked to Roo who was still ready for a fight.  "If you continue on this path, I warn you that our blades will cross eventually."
Roo sat back on his stone throne and as he did the woozles calmed.
"Then I'll need to prepare."  Roo smiled.
With that, the travelers left the woods to report to the Queen.  They had found her prince, but he was still lost to her.

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April O'Neil

Top notch reporter #AprilONeil, always looking for a scoop.  She'll win that Pulitzer yet, if she can ever keep evidence of those turtles existence before they take it back.

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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Work in Progress April O'Neil

Sorry I haven't posted as much as usual. I've been busy setting up a book to be printed . I'm still sketching and working on projects as always. Here's a look at one image I'm working on with crackshot reporter April O'Neil.

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The False Monk

It was earlier that day that a traveler came to the edge of the forest.  He claimed to be a traveling monk on a journey of enlightenement.  The guards didn't question him, they're only concern was the password.  ”Request passage away from the land of Milk and Honey”. Only those within the kingdom knew this.  Once it was said, the guards allowed passage and Roo made his way on his saddled woozle.  #Tigger understood how he made his way here, but why he left the kingdom still played on his mind.  As well as how Roo could walk with the same animals that killed most of the hundred Acre Kingdom's guards.  The thought had him tightening his grip on his sword.

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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Turtle Sons

Turtle Sons.
Haven’t done a comic strip in a while.  I’d like to try getting back into the habit of it.

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Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Prince Roo

The prince was believed to be kidnapped, but what the travelers were now seeing told them this wasn't true.  Roo, the prince of the Hundred Acre Kingdom, sat on a makeshift thrown of stones and sticks.  He didn't appear frightened or harmed in any way.  The woozles around him didn't bare their teeth towards him but rather rested by his side.  He smiled at #Piglet, #Tigger, and Clover while petting one of the woozles.  Tigger took a step forward.  As he did the woozles turned towards him and positioned themselves to attack.  He stopped and looked towards #Roo. "Couldn't wait to grow up and rule your own kingdom?" He asked with a growl.

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The Woozle Nest

At the heart of the forest, our heroes found the Woozle nest.  #Tigger readied his sword, Clover prepared her hunting knife, and #Piglet tightened his bow while Pooh bared his teeth.  They had found what they were looking for, but the danger in front of them was far worse than any of them expected.

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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Woozle Territory

After leaving the guards, it wasn't long before they reached Woozle territory.  Evidenced by the circular cuts left in the trees.  At sight of this, Clover grabbed her hunting knife and #Piglet readied his bow.  #Tigger however, didn't move for his weapon, but rather observed the location.  Woozles were never known for being afraid enough to keep clear of others.  Woozles are monsters who roam in such great numbers that if you found yourself near them, you'd be struck by the confusion of their sudden appearance and attacked within seconds.  Yet now, standing in the woods covered by their marks, it was quiet.  A minute had gone by and nothing had sprung from the shadows.  "This isn't right."  Tigger said this mostly to himself and continued walking forward.  Now with a slower pace.

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Monday, August 4, 2014


Greetings from Dimension X!  Krang for #Sketch_Dailies



From the shadows came a swarm of blue birds.  These were the guards of the woods, stationed to make sure woozles never make it into the kingdom.  Nothing was permitted to leave or enter without their notice.  The travelers were surrounded by the flying army who took to a circle formation around them.  Soon, one wearing a red helmet flew down to a nearby branch and addressed Tigger.  "It's a little late to go traveling into the woods."  We need passage, one of our own has been taken." Tigger stated in a rush.  "Impossible, nothing leaves or enters without my knowledge."  The bluebird puffed up his chest.  "Well then someone isn't doing there job, the prince was taken."  There was a roar in Tigger's voice that caused all the birds to move back.  The bird with the helmet fluttered his wings clumsily.  "I..I see.  I'll be sure to check my ranks.  until then order and security must be kept."  The bird stood waiting, looking at Tigger.  Tigger took a breath and moved away from the helmeted leader.  "Request passage away from the land of Milk and Honey" Tigger said calmly.  With these words, the birds moved away and allowed the travelers passage into the woods.

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