Monday, July 28, 2014

Off to save the Prince

Being the only one to travel to woozle territory and survive, Tigger volunteered for a solo mission to save the prince.  However, on the insistence of Kanga, Clover and her small band of heroes joined his journey.  Stories of Clover and her friends had traveled well.  They were known as helpful warriors who could hold their own in battle.  Having them join her most valuable guard eased Kanga's mind, so reluctantly Tigger agreed.  As they left the castle Tigger left the stone road and moved through the thick grassy hills.  "The stone path may be faster."  Clover suggested.  "A simple stroll through a grassy meadow on a cool evening is one of the pleasures in life."  He responded.  Clover looked to the grass and took a deep breath, trying to see the pleasure Tigger saw.  "Enjoy it now." He continued.  "For we may not return from this journey."

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