Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Eeyore

From the lonely shrine rose a strange figure. The creature moved closer to Clover and Piglet causing both to back away unnerved. However, when it came halfway across the bridge it stopped and stood hanging it's head low. Both of the travelers stood confused as the beast did nothing. Looking closer, Clover recognized the creature from legends told in the kingdom. She believed this to be the Eeyore. A spirit of the forest. He seemed to fit the stories, except for the fact that this spirit had a strong feeling of depression that surrounded him while the legend spoke of a spirit who could spread spring time with it's joy. As she wondered why the spirit looked so sad, Clover felt a tug on her side. Piglet was pointing to the end of the Eeyore where a torn stump could be seen swaying back and forth.
"Did someone steal a part of you?" Clover asked.
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