Sunday, December 21, 2014

Seize the tail!

Without his bow and arrows, Piglet had to improvise a weapon.  He grabbed a nearby branch to use as a makeshift staff.  He climbed the nearest tree and leaped for the cloaked creature.  As soon as he jumped, Clover bolted for the tail.  Her dagger in hand in case the figure ignored Piglet and went for her.  Before Piglet landed, the beast turned to reveal a dark lizard-like body.  It looked like a shadow standing in the snow.  Piglet fell on it’s shoulder and used his new staff to avoid the beasts mouth as it snapped at him.  Clover, once near the lizard, slid in the snow to the tail and knocked it off the pedestals holding it over the fire.  The growing ice storm rising from the tail immediately stopped once away from the heat.  Lifting the tail over her shoulder she looked back to Piglet who was fully engaged in his fight.  As she backed away, there was a rumble of the earth at her feet.  Clover looked to her sides to see the heffalumps moving towards her.

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