Monday, February 16, 2015

A Guide to the Hundred Acre Kingdom:Tinthera Women

Like Tinthera men, the woman are also trained highly in combat and can handle nearly all known weapons in the Hundred Acre Kingdom.  While hunting, they are known to be light on their feet and can sneak up on their prey within a few feet to some inches without being noticed.  The Armor worn by Tintheras is smithed by the wearer as part of a ritual to becoming a warrior.  To wear armor bought or given from anyone else is seen as shameful and at times has been punished with banishment from Tinthera tribes.

Currently few Tintheras are known to still exist within the kingdom, most believed to have been killed in the great Woozle war.  Some believe small pockets of tribes may be hidden around the kingdom, but none have been seen at this time.

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