Monday, June 29, 2015

Looking to Pay skilled Maya Animators!

Hello everyone!
I have a lot of projects in the works and I'm looking to get some completed soon so they don't pile up! At this moment I'm looking for help in finishing a project that is close to needing animators.
The working title is "Star Crossed", the story of two aliens on separate planets who meet each other through crude holograms. When this arrangement proves to not be enough, one alien hatches a plan to travel to the other's planet.
The storyboard has been made, character models created and props and rough sets are being put together. I need some skilled animators to help bring this project to life!
This film is a lighthearted love story and the style of animation is meant to be a bit cartoony.
The funding for music and animators on this project will come from Kickstarter. I've ran two successful campaigns there before and I hope this is the third. For every animator who joins the project I'm going to add $1000 to the campaign goal, this will be the animators pay. Scenes will be distributed once the goal is reached. If we go over the goal everyone will get an added bonus that will be split from the extra amount. So once the campaign is launched I hope you'll help promote it!
If you would like to be a part of this short film project please send a demo reel of your work in Maya by private message, or email to! I'll let you know if you're selected. I'm hoping to start animation around early August.

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