Tuesday, February 19, 2013

set building continues

The set for the second short of the Grim continues and the exterior is close to being done. Grass is still needed, but the computer I'm working on is starting to slow from the detail.  I plan to get some upgrades for my computer to create the quality film I'm imagining.  Once the music for the first short is completed, I can add that to the finished short, get all the rewards out with the dvd, and create a campaign to get the upgrades to continue on this set.  I'd use my own money but at this time I'm currently looking for work (preferably full time).  My last contract job ended last month and after trying to catch up with student loans and paying taxes I'm now just bleeding money.  Hopefully I'll find something new soon or I'll get the music for the first short and I can start a new campaign.  The life of a starving artist is something that needs great patience.