Monday, August 4, 2014


From the shadows came a swarm of blue birds.  These were the guards of the woods, stationed to make sure woozles never make it into the kingdom.  Nothing was permitted to leave or enter without their notice.  The travelers were surrounded by the flying army who took to a circle formation around them.  Soon, one wearing a red helmet flew down to a nearby branch and addressed Tigger.  "It's a little late to go traveling into the woods."  We need passage, one of our own has been taken." Tigger stated in a rush.  "Impossible, nothing leaves or enters without my knowledge."  The bluebird puffed up his chest.  "Well then someone isn't doing there job, the prince was taken."  There was a roar in Tigger's voice that caused all the birds to move back.  The bird with the helmet fluttered his wings clumsily.  "I..I see.  I'll be sure to check my ranks.  until then order and security must be kept."  The bird stood waiting, looking at Tigger.  Tigger took a breath and moved away from the helmeted leader.  "Request passage away from the land of Milk and Honey" Tigger said calmly.  With these words, the birds moved away and allowed the travelers passage into the woods.

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