Saturday, August 16, 2014

Face off

Roo had always been a rebellious prince he hated being treated like a child.  His desire to be an adult was nearly an obsession, and now it seemed that he finally decided to run off and create his own kingdom next door to his mother's.  How tamed the woozles was both puzzling and oddly fascinating.  they clung to him like loyal pets.  It was a very different sight from when a horde of them slaughtered Tigger's men years ago.  Rather than ask how Roo achieved this, Tigger, Clover, Pooh, and Piglet readied for a fight.  Before them, the woozles positioned themselves to defend their newly appointed king.  Tigger watched the enemy in front of him, and from the corner of his eye he could see more waiting to join in.  It would be nearly impossible for all of them to leave this fight alive, and if they did win, what then?  The woozle would possibly follow their king if he brought them back, putting the kingdom in danger.  There were only two real options he could see, cut off the head of the snake or...
"We're leaving." He said quietly.
"But we can take them, right now" Clover protested.
"I'm not ready to pay the cost of winning this fight."  Tigger sheathed his weapon.  the others followed.  He looked to Roo who was still ready for a fight.  "If you continue on this path, I warn you that our blades will cross eventually."
Roo sat back on his stone throne and as he did the woozles calmed.
"Then I'll need to prepare."  Roo smiled.
With that, the travelers left the woods to report to the Queen.  They had found her prince, but he was still lost to her.

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