Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Prince Roo

The prince was believed to be kidnapped, but what the travelers were now seeing told them this wasn't true.  Roo, the prince of the Hundred Acre Kingdom, sat on a makeshift thrown of stones and sticks.  He didn't appear frightened or harmed in any way.  The woozles around him didn't bare their teeth towards him but rather rested by his side.  He smiled at #Piglet, #Tigger, and Clover while petting one of the woozles.  Tigger took a step forward.  As he did the woozles turned towards him and positioned themselves to attack.  He stopped and looked towards #Roo. "Couldn't wait to grow up and rule your own kingdom?" He asked with a growl.

#HundredAcreKingdom #Disney #WinnieThePooh