Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Rabbit's Garden

Rabbit was always protective of his garden.  So much so that Clover and Piglet had to wait behind the fence.  Freezing and somewhat offended, Clover stood patiently while rabbit inspected the land.
"Winter has just started." He told them, "but here the weather already looks like it's the middle of the season.  And the ground has a strange pressure, like something is slowly taking the life from it."
"I wouldn't know about how the ground feels."  Clover crossed her arms.  "I will admit that the weather does seem worse here."
"It gets worse the closer you get to the forest."  Kessie flapped her wings trying to get warm.  "I believe something could be spreading from the woods.  If it is growing, it might reach the kingdom."
Clover looked to the woods.  A mist was rising in the distance that did look to be, As Kessie suspected, growing.
"If that's the case, we'll need to reach it before it can grow to far."  Clover started walking to the woods as she said this.  With each step, the cold covered her more.

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