Friday, August 22, 2014


Kessie had been traveling with Rabbit for as long as Clover knew them.  She was once a general of the guards helping to keep the woozles away from Kanga's kingdom, but that changed once her wing was caught by a rogue Woozle. Unable to fly, she was soon found and cared for by Rabbit.  In return, she kept him company and helped with his crops.  However, recently the crops have been struggling.
"It's not only the crops." She told Clover, "The land looks to be changing.  Everything feels like it's becoming melancholy.  I'm afraid the land's depression will spread if nothing's done soon."
Rabbit waved his hands to dismiss what Kessie was saying and insisted everything was fine.  Looking back at his stand with only rotting produce available, Clover found it difficult to go along with Rabbit's denial.
"Can you so us the land?"  She asked.
"Of course!" Kessie was nearly jumping on Rabbit's hat.
Noting his friends excitement, Rabbit reluctantly agreed to take Clover and her friends to his garden.

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(Writer's note: Kessie is perhaps my favorite Winnie the Pooh character.  I love the episode "Find her, keep her")