Thursday, August 7, 2014

Woozle Territory

After leaving the guards, it wasn't long before they reached Woozle territory.  Evidenced by the circular cuts left in the trees.  At sight of this, Clover grabbed her hunting knife and #Piglet readied his bow.  #Tigger however, didn't move for his weapon, but rather observed the location.  Woozles were never known for being afraid enough to keep clear of others.  Woozles are monsters who roam in such great numbers that if you found yourself near them, you'd be struck by the confusion of their sudden appearance and attacked within seconds.  Yet now, standing in the woods covered by their marks, it was quiet.  A minute had gone by and nothing had sprung from the shadows.  "This isn't right."  Tigger said this mostly to himself and continued walking forward.  Now with a slower pace.

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